As part of Science Week 2023, we are delighted to have been offered the opportunity to work with STEAM Education supported by Stryker. The vision of STEAM Education is to inspire children to love STEAM subjects and to become the future generation of Scientists, Technologists, Engineers, Artists and Mathematicians.

4th class will take part in “Climate Action in a Box” using arts, communication and active citizenship to understand the part they can play towards a greater future.

5th class will participate in “Science in a Box” where they will explore the formation of the universe and the beginnings of chemistry from the Big Bang to present.

Later in the year, 6th class will take part in “Engineering in a Box” (supported by Gilead) to learn about the diverse fields of engineering, from shelter and infrastructure to biomedical and fun electronics.

Thanks to our generous sponsors in Stryker and Gilead for offering this fantastic opportunity to our pupils!