Creative Schools Initiative

Creative Schools supports schools to put the arts and creativity at the heart of children’s and young people’s lives. This initiative provides opportunities for children and young people to build their artistic and creative skills; to communicate, collaborate, stimulate their imaginations, be inventive and to harness their curiosity!

We have set up a student driven Creative Schools Advisory Group who play a central role in developing, implementing and evaluating the programme in our school. The Advisory Group have created a school mantra and made some origami hearts. The school mantra is “All forms of art are fun and cool, so let’s become a creative school!”

Each class in the school has done a handprint activity – to show what creative things are already going on in the school and what creative things they would like to see happening down the line.

The children have identified Creative Points of Interest in the school garden – places where they would like to see artistic things taking place!

Maev O’ Shea is our Creative Associate. Maev works in the Everyman Theatre and regularly visits our school and guides our creativity in new and exciting ways.

Creative Schools is allowing us to create new and enhance existing links with local artists in our community. It is giving our pupils opportunities to broaden their exposure to the arts and is also enhancing wellbeing and positive mental health in Walterstown NS.