Science Week 2022

We had a fantastic week investigating, experimenting and exploring Science in W.N.S. Amazing explorations took place around the school from magnets, electricity, floating and sinking, dissolving colours, frozen ice cube animals to Leonardo Da Vinci’s inventions.

4th and 5th class took part in a Woodlands Workshop with a lady from Green Schools and Science Week. Well done everyone!

Maths Week 2022

Walterstown NS celebrated “Maths Week 2022” by taking part in a variety of activities across the school.

Look below to see how each club got involved!

  • Junior Infants worked on sequencing.
  • Senior Infants did lots of maths activities. They learned about 3D shapes, number, counting and played paired dice games. They also worked on number recognition and number formation on the iPads.
  • First Class made 2D shape monsters. They played counting jar games and dice games using double numbers.
  • Second class learned some strategies for addition. They played dice and card games to work on their addition and subtraction skills.
  • Third Class worked on addition with hundreds and daily brain snacks.
  • Fourth Class did a fun maths trail around the school while focusing on lines and angles.
  • Fifth Class did target board activities, multiplication pairs, dice games & maths challenges on Kahoot.
  • Sixth Class were working on tangrams
  • Le Chéile had fun with counting and number songs. They made 3D shape robots, worked on measuring skills with recipes & experiments, used money “going to the shop” and made a spooky Halloween number spell.
The Maths Committee organised a brain teaser quiz for each class. Well done to the winners and all who took part!

Senior Infants 2022/2023

Everyone has been working really well since we came back to school. This month we have been learning about the signs of autumn, the number 6 and an scoil. We went on a nature walk this week. We investigated the things that we collected and did colourful leaf rubbings. We also planted daffodil bulbs for spring. We are looking forward to Hallowe’en!