Flag Day 2022

Walterstown NS held “Flag Day” yesterday to celebrate the awarding of three flags that we successfully earned this year. Our school was very proud of this huge achievement!

WNS were awarded the:

  • Green Flag
  • Active Flag
  • Amber Flag

The whole school community worked very hard to meet the criteria for each of the above flags. We held a whole school assembly on the yard – the first time we were able to do this in a long time! Members of the Green, Active and Amber Flag Committees spoke before each flag was raised to a rounding applause!

Afterwards, the Parents’ Association kindly organised a visit from the ice-cream van to celebrate the amazing achievement. Everyone was delighted with their ice-cream/slushie!

Well done to all involved!

Friendship February

During the month of February the children on the Amber Flag Committee are busy taking each class outside to partake in playground games. The children are having a fantastic time playing with their friends, making connections and watching new friendships blossom. Whether you have one friend, ten friends or even more making friends is very important in Walterstown NS! We dedicate this month to showing our friends how much they mean to us!